The Australian Standard

MYCRO provides traceability and hard-science to set the standard for functional mushroom products.

The Science

How to use MYCRO

One full dropper is a daily serving containing 1000mg of 1:1 dual-extracted functional mushroom.

Add to water or your drink of choice and consume whenever suits your lifestyle.

1000mg is a safe and effective quantity and multiple varieties can be consumed together.

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Complex extraction, simple ingredients

Mushrooms, water, alcohol.

Purity and potency

Vegan, gluten-free, non GMO, organic and with no flavourings or sweeteners - but be warned: we haven't masked the taste.

Our biotechnology laboratory fractionates and extracts at a 1:1 ratio, we explain this further in:

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What are the benefits of functional mushrooms?

There's a lot of wild "medical" claims being promoted about functional mushrooms: "better than coffee", "laser focus", "unlimited energy", "natural sleeping pills" and so on.

We are wholly against these marketing practices and feel they are misleading to consumers.

Mushrooms contain incredible compounds, compounds that do and will change the world. There is little need to make wild claims, the science is already there.

On the product descriptions we explain the particular beneficial compounds we've extracted from each mushroom species.

We are mushroom farmers and biotechnologists, we are not medical professionals and we advise everyone to determine if functional mushrooms are right for them.

As a rule of thumb:

  • Lion's Mane is the brain mushroom
  • Reishi the calming mushroom
  • Shiitake the cardiovascular, hair, skin and nails mushroom
  • Turkey Tail is used in treating serious medical conditions
  • Maitake is for overall health

When will I see results?

Functional mushrooms and their bioactive compounds work within our bodies to assist with everything from our gut microbiome to our brain.

With that in mind, much like eating a carrot for vitamin A or olive oil for omega-6, the benefits happen behind the scenes and gradually over time.

How are your mushrooms grown?

By us! Did I mention that?

MYCRO has two farms, one in Osborne Park in Western Australia and one in Ballarat in Victoria. The farms are sealed off from the outside world and allow us to create a mushroom paradise.

A mushroom paradise consists of cool, fresh air and humidity. Like a forest. This environment is a continual balancing act powered by a heap of solar panels on our roof.

As for the organic "substrate" ingredients, unless otherwise stated (e.g. for Cordyceps when they are in stock):

We use Australian sawdust. Our sawdust is a waste-product from the timber industry. The tree species can vary, but its always natural and has never been treated (the mushrooms wouldn't like that).

We add lupin hulls for a cellulose and nitrogen kick. This is how we get the huge clusters you'll see on our Instagram. Lupins are nitrogen fixers, so they don't need fertiliser and thrive in dry sandy soils. WA is the largest producer of them in the world and they're grown in SA, Vic and NSW too.

We steam sterilise the substrate blocks to remove anything that could compete with our mushrooms (molds, bacteria, other mushrooms) and then we add in some grain spawn (like a starter culture).

The next few weeks to months, depending on the species, involve moving the blocks from different rooms or "climates" to mimic their life in nature.

No pesticides, no fertilisers, no herbicides and certainly no fungicides are used at any point. Just some water to create humidity in the grow room.

The mushrooms have a great life and so do we getting to work in a very clean and cool environment.

Extract or powder?

Whilst we have had Lion’s Mane powder for sale on our website, we’ve decided to move away from offering it despite there being demand.

Mushroom powders are of course healthy and nutritious but the bioactive compounds everyone is after are more often than not not bioavailable to our bodies.

We feel that offering mushroom powders is somewhat duping consumers as they are not getting the potential benefits that they are seeking.

Powders can be used in cooking or steeped in hot water to produce teas. Steeping works as an extraction process to make water-soluable benefical compounds bioavailabe to us. But alcohol-soluble compounds, locked up in the tough chitin cell walls are not readily absorbed by our bides.

Dual-extraction involves a water extraction and an alcohol extraction. Some of the compounds we're after in mushrooms can't be extracted by water or by our bodies: terpenes (specifically, triterpenoids), sterols, and flavonoids.

We split our batches of mushrooms into two: half is water extracted, half is alcohol extracted, we then mix in (homogenise) mushroom fruiting body to offer the most full-spectrum product on the market.

Head to "The Science" for a deeper look at extraction.

Why promote Australian Made from 100% Australian Ingredients?

We are a privately owned Australian company, founded by friends and staffed by friends and family.

Our products are organically grown in Australia using Australia ingredients and packaged in Australia.

Other industries do not accept Chinese imports, we're changing the status-quo for mushrooms too.

You'll never find imported ingredients in our products, that would go against everything we stand for as Aussie farmers.

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