What ingredients are in your extracts?

Mushrooms. alcohol, water.

The mushrooms are of course Australian grown.

The alcohol is Australian sugarcane spirit (30% alcohol by volume).

The water is NSW spring water.

When should I take my extracts?

The concentrations and serving size of our extracts are intended for daily use.

Traditionally, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail is taken in the morning.

Reishi is taken one hour before bed, or when you wish to unwind.

Shiitake and Maitake can be taken at anytime of day due to their holistic properties. We take ours together in the morning.

How big is a dose?

A dose, or serve, is one dropper full.

The dropper holds 1ml which contains 1000mg of dual-extracted mushroom.

Across current scientific literature, 1000mg is seen an effective and safe daily dose.

How do I take my extracts?

If you're brave: squirt them straight into your mouth.

If, like me, you're not brave: dilute them in a glass of water or into a coffee, smoothie, etc. and mask the funky mushroom taste.

Can I take multiple extracts at once?

For sure, experiment and see which combinations work well for you. Different mushrooms contain different vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds so can all add to a healthy and balanced diet.

Will I get superhuman powers from these mushrooms?


There is too much hype around medicinal mushrooms currently.

Brands are trying to one up each other with more and more outrageous medical claims.

There are incredible bioactive compounds in mushrooms, compounds that have and will continue to change the world.

We don't even know how many compounds there are that we don't know about in the mushrooms we know about, let alone the mushrooms we don't know about!

There is no reason to over-inflate the power and potential of mushrooms.

How do I store my extracts?

In a cool, dark place (a cupboard).

You'll notice we used clear glass for our bottles. We did this on purpose.

We wanted to break the trend of "hiding" extracts within black or amber bottles.

Our extracts are the strongest on the market and the various mushrooms give their extracts beautiful colours and consistency.

We have nothing to hide and want to show off our products.

Dark bottles can protect the contents of the bottles but so too can a cupboard :)

You're not the only Australian brand, why lie?

We never said we're the only Aussie brand, we said we're the only ones doing it properly.

Properly to us is:

  • Proof that the mushrooms are actually being grown in Australia (check our socials).
  • No brown rice being flogged as "mycelium" (watch out for myceliated-substrate).
  • A professionally extracted product. Anyone can boil mushrooms for a week and call it an extract. Only one brand has a top biotechnologist running their lab.

Is there/why is there alcohol in your extracts?

There is alcohol (sugar cane spirit) in our extracts.

If you add your daily 1ml of extract to a 250ml glass of water the total alcohol content would only be 0.12%.

Alcohol is an important part of the extraction process, we explain this in The Science.

After extraction, leaving the extract in its liquid carrier minimises further processing and reduces degradation of bioactive compounds.

The alcohol also works as a preservative in the bottles. The extracted mushrooms would ferment and spoil without the preserving alcohol.

What ratio are your extracts?

Our liquid extracts are 1:1 ratio.

If you head over to The Science we describe how and why our biotech lab produces at this ratio.

Short story long: we are extracting for bioavailability of ALL compounds and not concentrating for one.

Are your extracts vegan/gluten free?

Our extracts contain (all Australian) organically grown mushrooms. spring water and cane spirit.

They're vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Where are your mushrooms grown?

We have two solar-powered farms, one in Osborne Park in Western Australia and one in Ballarat in Victoria.

If you head to Our Team you can read more about these two farms and, more importantly, the two farmers.

We're shaking up the Australian mushroom industry, offering alternatives to Chinese imports and generating income for Australian farming families.

We hope that in the near future we will not be able to produce enough mushrooms on our two farms. When this happens we can turn to our tight knit community of Australian growers and support even more families.

How are your mushrooms grown?

By us! Did I mention that?

MYCRO has two farms, one in Osborne Park in Western Australia and one in Ballarat in Victoria. The farms are sealed off from the outside world and allow us to create a mushroom paradise.

A mushroom paradise consists of cool, fresh air and humidity. Like a forest. This environment is a continual balancing act powered by a heap of solar panels on our roof.

As for the organic "substrate" ingredients, unless otherwise stated (e.g. for Cordyceps when they are in stock):

We use Australian sawdust. Our sawdust is a waste-product from the timber industry. The tree species can vary, but its always natural and has never been treated (the mushrooms wouldn't like that).

We add lupin hulls for a cellulose and nitrogen kick. This is how we get the huge clusters you'll see on our Instagram. Lupins are nitrogen fixers, so they don't need fertiliser and thrive in dry sandy soils. WA is the largest producer of them in the world and they're grown in SA, Vic and NSW too.

We steam sterilise the substrate blocks to remove anything that could compete with our mushrooms (molds, bacteria, other mushrooms) and then we add in some grain spawn (like a starter culture).

The next few weeks to months, depending on the species, involve moving the blocks from different rooms or "climates" to mimic their life in nature.

No pesticides, no fertilisers, no herbicides and certainly no fungicides are used at any point. Just some water to create humidity in the grow room.

The mushrooms have a great life and so do we getting to work in a very clean and cool environment.

Do you have third-party lab testing?

Yes, you'll find safety testing here.

And you'll find qualitative and quantitative testing here.

What do your extracts taste like?

In terms of Lion's Mane: bad.

In terms of the other mushrooms: not so bad.

When we say bad, we mean pungent-cacao-with-an-alcohol-kick.

We've gone for potency, purity transparency. If you're paying for a mushroom extract, we're going to give you a mushroom extract without the spiel about flavourings and purification.

Can children/pregnant women/pets take your extracts?

Whilst there is only minimal alcohol in our products once they are diluted in a drink, we would still advise against anyone with sensitivities to alcohol to avoid our products.

If in doubt: consult your doctor.