Our Team

MYCRO is a powerhouse: two of Australia's top specialty mushroom farmers and one of the country's leading biotechnologists; with help from our friends and family.

With 29 combined years of mushroom growing, 15 of which have been commercially, Jason and George are OGs, pioneers and foolish tenacious. Both career farmers have made a name for themselves domestically and overseas with their industry-leading yields and novel growing techniques.

Co-founder Dr. Kyle Thomson has a PhD in Biotechnology and was a lecturer and Lead of Biotech at UNSW. At its core, biotechnology involves using living organisms—like plants, bacteria, and fungi—or their components to make products or processes that benefit humanity.

Our brand's reputation is bolstered by the expertise and dedication of Dr. Thomson. His commitment to scientific rigor and excellence, plus his extensive background in biotechnology and academia ensures that our mushroom extracts meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. Knowing that his scientific career is intertwined with the success of our products, Dr. Thomson employs cutting-edge techniques and meticulous process to deliver top-tier extracts. This level of professional accountability and expertise is the foundation of our brand's credibility and trustworthiness.



"I'm going to put myself first, as whilst I couldn't do any of this without my co-founders, I did come up with the name MYCRO!

I'm a farmer. I grow food for people. That's the bottom line for me.

If you live in Australia and you eat healthily; you've almost certainly had food (probably broccoli) that's gone through my hands.

I'm the only part of MYCRO that isn't Australian, having been born in the UK. My mum, back home, does and always has grown an incredible amount of food. I grew up healthy and inspired because of this.

My wife and I moved to WA from NSW in 2022 and the next day I signed the lease for my mushroom farm here in Osborne Park. I came with a plan, a van full of mycological equipment and got the first iteration of MYCRO pumping out mushrooms in no time.

My love of innovation and novel growing techniques meant I'd honed some unique capacities to cultivate functional mushroom species. Add into the mix Jason harping on about dodgy Chinese imported mushroom powders and the idea for the MYCRO you see today was born.

Dr. Thomson, who I know as Kyle, is an old friend and THE most qualified person we could have ever approached to do the extraction work for us."



"I’m Jason, owner of The Mushroom Connection - an award winning Gourmet and Medicinal mushroom farm located in Ballarat, Victoria. I've been growing mushrooms for almost a decade and our farm supplies some of the country's top cafes, restaurants, and wholesale distributors.

I first started growing mushrooms in an era when Gourmet and Medicinal mushroom growers were fairly scarce in Australia and information surrounding cultivation was a closely kept secret. This required me to innovate and develop novel cultivation techniques and custom equipment tailored to the unique needs of indoor mushroom farming. These days I'm particularly focused on the medicinal side of things, as we continually explore new ways to harness the potential of fungi for enhancing physical and mental health.

My connection to mushrooms dates back to my childhood, foraging for wild mushrooms with my grandparents in the pine forests at the foot of Mount Buninyong. Those early experiences ignited a lifelong passion, and the more I learned and the further down the rabbit-hole I ventured, the more obsessed I became.

Today, more than just growing mushrooms, I'm committed to advancing the field of medicinal mushroom research, and helping to introduce new & exciting products to unlock the amazing power of fungi."


Dr. Kyle Thomson

"Hello, I'm Dr. Kyle Thomson, the lead extractionist at MYCRO.

My journey in the world of biotechnology began with a Bachelor of Science degree, where I double-majored in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. During my undergraduate years, I developed a profound interest in the molecular mechanisms that drive biological processes, which led me to pursue a Class 1 Honours in Biotechnology.

My academic path continued with a PhD in Biotechnology. This period was a pivotal time in my career, as I delved deep into the realms of molecular preservation and drug delivery, laying the foundation for my future work in extractions and molecular stabilisation. Following my PhD, I took on a postdoctoral fellowship, further honing my expertise in these fields.

At UNSW, I had the privilege of leading the Biopolymer Research Group and serving as a lecturer. During this time, I also led the Biotech Program, guiding future scientists and developing cutting-edge research in biotechnology. My work at the university was incredibly rewarding, allowing me to explore innovative approaches and collaborate with brilliant minds in the field.

Over the years, I transitioned into roles that involved freelance IP development and product management, leveraging my research background to bring new biotechnological solutions to the market. With over a decade of experience in extractions, molecular isolation, stabilisation, drug release, and medical devices, I am dedicated to advancing the science and efficacy of mushroom extracts at MYCRO.

At MYCRO, I am committed to ensuring our extraction processes are of the highest quality, harnessing my extensive knowledge to produce superior products that truly make a difference."


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