The Difference

100% Australian

Owned, operated, grown, made, tested, bottled, shipped. We're 100% Australian. An Aussie product made by Aussies in Australia for Aussies (and for anyone else around the world that wants the integrity that Australian Made products offer).


The Ingredients

Our extracts have three Australian ingredients and will never contain imports:

Our mushrooms are organically grown by the top farmers in the country. The majority of species are grown on sawdust, lupin hulls and water at our solar-powered farms. We use mushroom fruiting bodies in all our current products and are working on a grain-less pure-mycelium range for those that desire it.

Our water used in the extraction process is NSW spring water.

Our alcohol used in the extraction process is Queensland sugarcane spirit.

You can read more about how our mushrooms are grown here.

The Team

You're in great hands. Two Aussie titans of the mushroom world and their super-nerdy PhD biotechnologist friend.

Having a biotechnologist led team ensures that our extraction processes are scientifically optimised for maximum efficacy and quality, leveraging cutting-edge biotechnological techniques to produce superior products that meet stringent industry standards.

Dr. Thomson must ensure every process is executed flawlessly within MYCRO to uphold his professional integrity and reputation as a biotechnologist, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to excellence in a competitive and highly regulated industry.

You can read more about the team here.


The Extraction

Under the meticulous guidance of Dr. Thomson, each mushroom species is fractionated (split into sections), each fraction undergoes a tailored extraction process derived from scientific literature and our lab's ongoing testing, ensuring optimal efficacy and potency.

Using laboratory-grade equipment, Dr. Thomson applies precise methodologies that maximise the yield and purity of bioactive compounds whilst minimising damage to and loss of compounds during the extraction process.

This scientific rigor and customisation in the extraction process distinguishes MYCRO, providing consumers with reliable, high-quality functional mushroom extracts with scientific-backing.

You can read more about the science here.


The Potency

Our liquid extracts contain 1000mg of dual-extracted mushroom per 1ml, this is a 1:1 ratio. Do not confuse this ratio with those advertised on powders.

Our ratio indicates that equal parts of mushroom fruiting body and extraction liquid are used, providing a robust and balanced profile of bioactive compounds.

You can read more about the extraction process here.


The Testing

As of June 2024 we will be posting test results of each and every batch we produce to determine concentrations of bioactive compounds. Our batches are relatively small and are produced weekly offering a unique capacity to optimise our growing and extraction techniques by testing and modifying frequently.

Testing is limited in Australia and is cost-prohibitive. For this reason, Dr. Thomson is custom building a mushroom testing lab in Sydney. Whilst this is not "third party testing", this will allow a near-real time analysis of our batches and is backed by the esteem of Dr. Thomson and will be overseen by third-parties.

We understand that "third party lab tested" is used as a selling point, even if the tests were performed five years ago and/or in China. For clarity, we will periodically send off samples and our results for comparison with third-party labs.