Bioactive Compounds

There is significant interest in functional mushrooms, from both the wellness and pharmaceutical industry, due to the potential health benefits of the bioactive compounds found in them.

Mushrooms have tough cell walls made of chitin (pronounced ky-tin), which our bodies can't break down efficiently. By extracting these compounds into a liquid form we break down the cell walls and make the beneficial compounds bioavailable, meaning easier for our bodies to absorb and use.

Fractionated Extraction

Consider Reishi mushrooms, renowned for containing over 450 known bioactive compounds. Whilst industry standards focus on extracting and concentrating beta-glucans*—this approach overlooks all the other valuable compounds.

Our fractionated extraction method, however, preserves the full spectrum of a mushroom's bioactive compounds and makes them readily available to our bodies.

By separating the mushroom into different fractions and carefully choosing the extraction method for each, we ensure that no single compound dominates at the expense of others.

Each fraction is extracted with specific temperatures, agitation levels, dilution, timing, and sonification settings, using specialised equipment. These distinct fractions are extracted once to preserve their integrity and then skillfully combined to create our comprehensive 1:1 extracts.

This means not only beta-glucans but also triterpenoids, polysaccharides, and other phytonutrients are retained in natural proportions, as found in the whole mushroom.

This holistic approach yields an extract that mirrors the mushroom's natural composition, providing a balanced, synergistic effect that enhances overall efficacy and compatibility with our body's biological processes.

*Beta-glucans have benefits and are easy to test for, hence why producers often excessively concentrate them.

A tailored approach to bioavailability

Mushrooms have tough chitin cell walls and, hence, require extraction to make their bioactive compounds available to our bodies.

Different mushrooms require specific extraction protocols to preserve and maximise the bioavailability of their unique bioactive compounds,
which can vary in their solubility, stability, and response to
extraction methods.

From farm to lab and back

Our story and our iterative production process starts at our Australian farms. Mushroom species and strains are chosen for particular bioactive compounds then cultivated and harvested inline with strict protocols to maximise concentrations.

The mushrooms are then fractionated and extracted in our biotech lab. Using in-house testing we can relay results back to our farms and improve our quality and potency batch after batch. This is the reason you will often find your orders varying in colour, consistency and taste.

Continuous improvement

5 mushroom species chosen

11 mushroom strains trialed

17 extraction iterations

7 product safety tests

And this is just the start...