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Discovery Mushroom Extract Pack

Discovery Mushroom Extract Pack

30ml bottle (30 x 1000mg daily serves)

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Organically Grown in Australia

MYCRO has two commercial mushroom farms: one in Osborne Park, WA and one in Ballarat, Victoria. Unlike every other brand:

WE grow ALL of our mushrooms right here in Australia.

The majority of our mushrooms (except Cordyceps) are grown on local sawdust and lupin hulls with some water and fresh air.

100% Fruiting Body

Just our mushrooms, dual-extracted, no funny business.

The mushroom fruiting body is the visible, above-ground part of a fungus, responsible for spore production. It's the edible or medicinal section commonly recognised as a mushroom.

Dual-Extracted for Optimal Bio-Availability

We, the founders, are two mushroom farmers and a biotechnologist. Mushroom farming is of course a unique scientific skillset but it does not qualify us for extraction. Extraction falls into the realm of biotechnology.

Dr. Thomson runs our laboratory "Precision Mycology" - Australia's only specialist mushroom extraction and testing lab.

The lab performs a comprehensive, fractionated extraction. This process is unique to MYCRO in that it extracts all bioactive compounds, opposed to extracting and concentrating for specific compounds (usually beta-glucans). You can read more about this process on The Science page.

As all mushrooms contain different beneficial compounds, we don't have a one size fits all extraction process for our species.

Each of our mushrooms is extracted in a different way: changes in parameters, equipment, ratios, etc. allow us to achieve the best result for each species.

Best result, or best practice, is determined by scientific research and testing performed by the Precision Mycology team.

The fractions, or sections, of the extraction process minimises the risk of degradation of sensitive compounds after extraction, e.g. not damaging water-extracted compounds with a second alcohol extraction, or damaging heat sensitive compounds whilst trying to extract compounds that need heat.

We then add some of the mushroom biomass back into the liquid to make sure you don't miss any goodness. This is the cloudiness you'll see in your extracts and the reason you need to shake well before each use.

We have made a conscious decision not to try and mask the flavour and see it as a testament to the purity, potency and effectiveness of our extracts.

Be warned: this extract is the real-deal and we'd strongly recommend diluting in a drink.

We are constantly testing and refining our extraction process and will update these descriptions as we further improve.

100% Australian Ingredients

  • Mushroom Fruiting Body (1000mg per 1ml)
  • Sugarcane spirit (30% alcohol by volume)
  • Water

That's it. Mushroom, alcohol, water (and a whole-lot-of science).

No flavourings, sweetners, no concerns about (imported) heavy-metals etc.

We believe in full transparency, there's further product descriptions below and we're always willing to answer any queries you might have.

Easy to use

Add a full dropper to a glass of water, coffee, smoothie or other drink. Multiple mushrooms can be taken together. If you don't mind the pretty strong taste, squirt directly into your mouth.

Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail are traditionally morning mushrooms.

Reishi traditionally is taken 1 hour before bed.

Shiitake and Maitake, due to their all-round benefits can be taken at any time of day.

One dropper full is a recommended daily serving (dose).

One dropper is 1ml and contains 1000mg of professionally extracted mushrooms.

  • Full Aussie
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic

Our full offering: one each of Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi and Turkey Tail mushroom extracts. Each extract in our Discovery Pack is organically grown and fractionally-extracted in Australia by us, offering unparalleled bioavailability and traceability.

Lion's Mane: The Brain One and traditionally a morning mushroom. Dual-extracted in fractions (sections) to preserve as many of its bioactive compounds as possible. We put the dual-extract through an additional fermentation process to break up the long polysaccharide chains (good stuff) into more easily absorbed pieces. 

Shiitake: The All-Rounder and suitable for consumption at anytime of day. Not just a culinary favourite, our Shiitake broad extraction of all the mushroom's beneficial compounds including ergosterol.

Reishi: Steeped in history and tradition and usually consumed an hour before bed, our Reishi extract is produced from, of course, Australian grown mushrooms. Our broad dual-extraction process is designed to honor the complexity of Reishi, ensuring a comprehensive extract.

Turkey Tail: By popular demand. Of course Australian. We'll leave the research on this one to you, Turkey Tail has some incredible bioactive compounds and properties, incredible enough that we'd get in trouble for "promoting" them. Another morning mushroom.

Our Discovery Extract Pack is designed for those seeking to embrace the full potential of functional mushrooms. Each extract is enhanced with the mushroom's fruiting body, ensuring a pure and potent product.

With just three ingredients (mushrooms, sugarcane spirit/alcohol and water) we have gone for absolute purity. Proudly Australian-made with 100% Australian ingredients, our extracts set the standard for quality and transparency in the functional mushroom market.

Please note these extracts are 30% alcohol by volume, for more information about this head to our FAQ.

Make sure to read the drop-down sections on this page and the pages in the About section on our site to learn more about why MYCRO is incomparable to anything else on the market.

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The most comprehensive extraction

Our biotechnology team's protocols aim to extract and preserve all bioactive compounds.

This holistic approach is in line with a mushroom's natural composition and goes against the industry standard of extracting and concentrating beta-glucans.

The Science

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What are the benefits of functional mushrooms?

Due to current regulations around functional mushrooms, we sell our products as food (the same reason we don't call them medicinal!).

If you've found MYCRO, the pinnacle of mushroom products, we'd assume you've done your research already and know the benefits of mushrooms. If you don't, head over to Google and pop back when you want the primo goods.

What ingredients are in your extracts?

Mushrooms. alcohol, water.

The mushrooms are of course Australian grown.

The alcohol is Australian sugarcane spirit (30% alcohol by volume).

The water is NSW spring water.

Why did MYCRO create this range?

Honestly, we were fed up.

Fed up of imported, substandard products with fancy marketing.

Chinese imports are not accepted in other industries, so it doesn't make sense that we put our faith in cheap powders from China. Even if they're marketed as "Di Tao" or "Certified Organic".

We know the power of mushrooms and wanted products for ourselves and our families.

Our range isn't even better. It's incomparable. We've done things properly and set the standard so high.

MYCRO grows a range of gourmet mushrooms for supermarkets across WA and are industry leaders in functional mushroom growing.

We're the first and only Corydceps growers in Australia, we (humbly) believe we're the biggest Reishi farm, we grow a HEAP of Lion's Mane and we have a whole range of other functional mushrooms in our rotations (Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake, Tremella, etc.).

We saw a gap in the market for 100% Australian grown mushroom products, produced by professionals and sold with full transparency.

No clever wording, no deception, just the best possible products we can produce.

What makes MYCRO different from other brands?

What happens when one of the top mushroom farms in the country brings onboard Australia's top extractionist?

You get MYCRO, of course.

Add in Australia's pristine environment, clean inputs, the integrity of a farmer, the knowledge of a literal extractionist-DOCTOR and no one globally is beating these products.

We're on a mission to set the international standard for mushroom extracts. These are the highest quality products we can produce. And we'll be constantly refining them.

How are your mushrooms grown?

By us! Did I mention that?

MYCRO has two farms, one in Osborne Park in Western Australia and one in Ballarat in Victoria. The farms are sealed off from the outside world and allow us to create a mushroom paradise.

A mushroom paradise consists of cool, fresh air and humidity. Like a forest. This environment is a continual balancing act powered by a heap of solar panels on our roof.

As for the organic "substrate" ingredients, unless otherwise stated (e.g. Cordyceps has a separate explanation on its product pages):

We use Australian sawdust. Our sawdust is a waste-product from the timber industry. The tree species can vary, but its always natural and has never been treated (the mushrooms wouldn't like that).

We add lupin hulls for a cellulose and nitrogen kick. This is how we get the huge clusters you'll see on our Instagram. Lupins are nitrogen fixers, so they don't need fertiliser and thrive in dry sandy soils. WA is the largest producer of them in the world and they're grown in SA, Vic and NSW too.

We steam sterilise the substrate blocks to remove anything that could compete with our mushrooms (molds, bacteria, other mushrooms) and then we add in some grain spawn (like a starter culture).

The next few weeks to months, depending on the species, involve moving the blocks from different rooms or "climates" to mimic their life in nature.

No pesticides, no fertilisers, no herbicides and certainly no fungicides are used at any point. Just some water to create humidity in the grow room.

The mushrooms have a great life and so do we getting to work in a very clean and cool environment.

How are your mushrooms extracted?

Our mushrooms, once dried are sent to Australia's only specialist mushroom extraction and testing lab: Precision Mycology.

We don't have a one size fits all extraction process, Dr. Thomson at Precision Mycology has every piece of equipment at his disposal and the years of experience to custom the process to each mushroom.

Each of our mushrooms is extracted in a different way: changes in parameters, equipment, ratios, etc. allow us to achieve the best result for each species.

The lion's mane extraction involves using both water and sugarcane spirit (that we distill in-house) to extract the widest range of bioactive compounds from the mushrooms.

The two separate extraction processes result in a more potent and comprehensive product. We keep them separate to minimise the risk of degradation of sensitive compounds, ensuring our extracts offer the maximum potency and efficacy.

We then add lion's mane fruiting body into the liquid to make sure you don't miss any goodness.

The lion's mane extract is the first of our range to go through an additional natural process. This process, which we'll cover in detail at a later date reduces the length of the lion's mane's beta-glucan chains and makes them EVEN MORE bioavailable.

Be warned: this extract is the real-deal, the flavour is not for the faint-hearted and you'll need to add it to a drink.

We are constantly testing and refining our extraction process and will include updates with your order.

We believe in full-transparency

There's a reason we went against the norm and used clear glass bottles:

We've got nothing to hide and everything to prove.

We work so effing hard and are super proud of our work.

On Instagram we'll show you our commercial yields of the finest mushrooms, the daily ins-and-outs of mushroom farming, we'll splurt mycological knowledge at you and we'll even show when things go wrong (which is usually daily!).

Australian Made from 100% Australian Ingredients

There's too much "clever" wording out there ("Australian Owned" and "Di Tao" being prime examples).

Our products are organically grown in Australia, extracted in Australia using Australian ingredients and packaged in Australia.

You'll never find imported ingredients in our products, that would go against everything we stand for as Aussie farmers.

When and how should I take my extracts?

The concentrations and serving size of our extracts are intended for daily use.

Traditionally, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail are taken in the morning.

Reishi is taken one hour before bed, or when you wish to unwind.

Shiitake and Maitake can be taken at anytime of day due to their holistic properties. We take ours together in the morning.

Add one dropper full of each to a glass of water, coffee, smoothie, etc.

I have another question

There’s a full FAQ here.

If you can’t find what you need there, head to the contact page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bianca Ciliberto
Re-order bundle deal

I have only been taking these oils for over a week and I can start to feel the difference in my mood and energy. I'm usually an anxious person and I have been feeling quite at peace... keep doing great work Mycro :)

Shelli Parker Parker

Excellent mix for various health benefits. My only issue was no instructions for dose sizes and what that measures in dropper supplied

Ben m
Mushroom review you asked so I reviewed

Would be good if it came was a little info pack about each mushroon variety. and the box they came in there was not a lot of packaging lucky they didn't brake in transit. Day 6 of trying all your products.

Vanessa Wight

I started using this range about a month ago adding Turkey Tail only recently. I started noticing benefits gradually but put it down to a few new things in my life. Then I went to Vietnam and Cambodia for a couple of weeks and didn’t take it with me. I noticed a complete lapse in my well-being but again put it down to the changes in diet ect. Today was the first day of taking these again and it was like 💥 BANG💥 and my overall mental, physical and emotional health was instantly transformed into an optimal state. I’m so glad I found Mycro.

Elizabeth Stevens
Great product & fast shipping

Love to see an all Aussie brand gaining popularity. Will be subscribing for regular delivery. Thanks heaps