The Farm

MYCRO is a global leader in mushroom cultivation located in the vibrant heart of Osborne Park, close to Perth CBD in Western Australia. Established in 2021, MYCRO has been redefining the boundaries of the mushroom industry, emphasising a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and being Australian.

At MYCRO, we proudly fill a previously untouched niche with our unyielding commitment to 100% Australian-grown and produced mushroom products. Being a high-profile Australian farm means we adhere to the upmost standards of purity and integrity—zero compromises, zero marketing BS.

Our vertical farming operation epitomises efficiency and environmental stewardship. Within a meticulously optimised 75m2 of solar-powered warehouse space, we achieve an impressive yield of up to 250kg of both gourmet and medicinal mushrooms weekly, all year round.

MYCRO's gourmet mushroom catalogue, grown for the supermarkets of WA, is extensive, featuring varieties such as White, Blue, Yellow, Grey Oysters, Lion's Mane, Pioppinos, Shiitake, Maitake, King Oysters, Coral Tooth, and Chestnuts.

We take pride in being the pioneering (and currently sole) Australian producer of Cordyceps militaris and the leading producer of Ganoderma sp. (Reishi), with our Lion's Mane mushrooms making a significant presence in grocery stores across WA. Our ongoing research and trials extend to other remarkable species like Turkey Tail, Chaga, and Tiger Milk mushrooms.

Our mission is bold and unequivocal: to leverage advanced biotechnology, our hands-in-the-dirt take on life and our deep-rooted knowledge of mycology to transcend the gaps in the mushroom market globally. As the sole producer of certain mushroom species in Australia, as a front-runner in the cultivation of varieties not grown anywhere else in the world and with the prestige of being in the globally-trusted Australia, MYCRO is not just farming mushrooms—we are pioneering a future where mushrooms play a pivotal role in nutrition, medicine, and sustainability.

Follow our journey and the exciting developments at MYCRO on Instagram. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries, producing 100% Australian mushroom products that celebrate the essence of our rich land and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

 The Farmer

I'm George, the heart and soul (and brains?) behind MYCRO. My farming journey has taken me through some of Australia's most challenging conditions. I've worked with everything from organic vegetables to wool, fish to eggs, algae to backpackers!

After years of battling the natural elements, I decided it was time for a change. My deep knowledge and passion for mushrooms and an innate desire to innovate led me indoors. Here, I've created a controlled environment where I can apply my skills and knowledge to nurture fantastic fungi.

People often ask how I ventured into mushroom farming. The answer lies in my roots (or mycelium?). Growing up in the UK, I was surrounded by homegrown food, where my mum cultivates an impressive amount. Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories involve saving tomato seeds and being told not to touch the mysterious mushrooms. It's these early experiences that 'sowed the seeds' of my passion for feeding people and eventually guided me to the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation.

My entrepreneurial nature and ties to the biotech industry are seeing MYCRO and myself gain international attention. Ticking away in the background, I've been creating novel growing techniques for cultivation of mushrooms that are desired for their pharmaceutical potential. Whilst feeding people has always been my raison d'être, the world of biotechnology that I'm swiftly entering is incredibly interesting.

If you ever want to talk mushrooms, I'm always available to chat on Instragram, just drop me a DM.