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Cordyceps militaris

Cordyceps militaris

From Australia's ONLY Cordyceps Grower

MYCRO is a farm. WE grow ALL of our mushrooms right here in Australia.

You might see other cordyceps products claiming "Australian Owned" or "From Our Farm In Such and Such" but MYCRO is the first and currently only Cordyceps farm in Australia.

Cordyceps are very tricky and expensive to grow, this is why other brands do not produce them.

It should be noted: whilst being the only growers is a selling point, we wish we weren't the only ones, as a network of growers would help with supply chains and getting the word out about Aussie Cordyceps. We look forward to having healthy competition in the near future.

100% Fruiting Body

Just our mushrooms, air-dried for nutrient retention, no funny business.

No fillers, myceliated substrate, no CS-4 grown in liquid (at least yet anyway, we are trialling a range of "Pure Mycelium" products), etc.

75+ Days of Growth

We don't rush things and only ever harvest fully-mature fruiting bodies.

There is no "grades". There is a mature mushroom that has reached the peak of its bioactive compound production or there is a mushroom that has been harvested a month early because it's cheaper to produce.

Our current strains take 75-80 days to reach maturity.

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  • Full Aussie
  • Pure Mushroom
  • Full Transparency
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What are the benefits of functional mushrooms?

Due to current regulations around functional mushrooms, we sell our products as food (the same reason we don't call them medicinal mushrooms!).

If you've found MYCRO, the pinnacle of mushroom products, we'd assume you've done your research already and know the benefits of mushrooms. If you don't, head over to Google and pop back when you want the primo goods.

Why did MYCRO create this range?

Honestly, we were fed up.

Fed up of imported, substandard products with fancy marketing.

Chinese imports are not accepted in other industries, so it doesn't make sense that we put our faith in cheap powders from China. Even if they're marketed as "Di Tao" or "Certified Organic".

We know the power of mushrooms and wanted products for ourselves and our families.

Our range isn't even better. It's incomparable. We've done things properly and set the standard so high.

MYCRO grows a range of gourmet mushrooms for supermarkets across WA and are industry leaders in functional mushroom growing.

We're the first and only Corydceps growers in Australia, we (humbly) believe we're the biggest Reishi farm, we grow a HEAP of Lion's Mane and we have a whole range of other functional mushrooms in our rotations (Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake, Tremella, etc.).

We saw a gap in the market for 100% Australian grown mushroom products, produced by professionals and sold with full transparency.

No clever wording, no deception, just the best possible products we can produce.

What makes MYCRO different from other brands?

  • We're actually a farm!
  • MYCRO grows the most diverse range of functional mushrooms in Australia
  • We're not supplement sellers
  • We DO NOT sell any imports
  • We use 100% fruiting body

Extract or powder?

Our powders are:

  • Grown, dehydrated, milled and packed by us in Western Australia
  • Air dried for maximum nutrient preservation
  • 100% mushroom fruiting body
  • No clever wording, just mushrooms

Powders can be used in cooking or steeped in hot water to produce teas. Steeping works as anextraction process to make water-soluable benefical compounds (the good stuff) bioavailabe to your body.

Our extracts are:

  • All of the above
  • Plus they've been dual-extracted by Australia's only biomolecular extractionist working in this field (THE professional)

Dual-extraction involves a water extraction and an alcohol extraction. Some of the compounds we're after in mushrooms can't be extracted by water or by our bodies: terpenes (specifically, triterpenoids), sterols, and flavonoids.

We split our batches of mushrooms into two: half is water extracted, half is alcohol extracted, we then mix in (homogenise) mushroom fruiting body to offer the most full-spectrum product we can.

Our extraction process will be evolving every batch; we'll include updates of how we're improving things in your order.

How are your mushrooms grown?

By us! Did I mention that?

MYCRO is in Osborne Park in Western Australia. The farm is sealed off from the outside world and allows us to create a mushroom paradise.

A mushroom paradise consists of cool, fresh air and humidity. Like a
forest. This environment is a continual balancing act powered by a heap of solar panels on our roof.

Cordyceps militaris are grown differently to our other mushrooms:

They have a separate room that never goes above 18˚c.

We use Australian Biodynamic brown rice (don't worry the "myceliated substrate" doesn't EVER end up in the end product!) and a nutrient "broth" developed by William Padilla-Brown of MycoSymbiotics (you probably saw him in Fantastic Fungi!). This concoction offers the Cordyceps the nutrients they would find in their natural substrate (insect pupae!) and is fine tuned to maximise cordycepin production.

Our Cordyceps are grown for 75-80 days and only ever harvested at full maturity when their fruiting bodies have developed.

The myceliated-substrate/brown rice then goes in the compost where it belongs!

No pesticides, no fertilisers, no herbicides and certainly no fungicides are used at any point.

The mushrooms have a great life and so do we getting to work in a very clean and cool environment.

We believe in full-transparency

There's a reason we went against the norm and used clear glass jars:

We've got nothing to hide and everything to prove.

We work so effing hard and are super proud of our work.

On Instagram we'll show you our commercial yields of the finest mushrooms, the daily ins-and-outs of mushroom farming, we'll splurt mycological knowledge at you and we'll even show when things go wrong (which is usually daily!).

Australian Made from 100% Australian Ingredients

There's too much "clever" wording out there ("Australian Owned" and "Di Tao" being prime examples).

Our products are organically grown in Australia using Australia ingredients and packaged in Australia.

You'll never find imported ingredients in our products, that would go against everything we stand for as Aussie farmers.

What's MYCRO Rewards?

We're really proud of our products.

And we're a small company with limited budget.

We know word is going to spread fast about our extracts and other goodies. So we wanted to reward you for doing the hard-work (advertising) for us.

MYCRO Rewards is, of course, free and we'll "reward" you with a healthy discount just for signing up. Leave a review, tell a mate, buy some products: we'll give you money off your next order each time.

Thanks for helping us get the word out!

Have another question?

Head to the contact page.

Or message us directly on Instagram.